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Jan-Peter Ruhso

Founder & Owner

Jan-Peter Ruhso

Mahsa Tandorost

Customer Success Manager


PPC Rocket GmbH

Technology Partner

PPC Rocket GmbH

PPC Rocket Gmbh is a young start-up from Meitingen, Bavaria. In addition to their excellent developing skills, both founders possess deep knowledge of online marketing, especially in the area of SEA & SEO.


There are a myriad of SEO tools for almost every step of an SEO process on the market, such as Sistrix, Searchmetrics, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog and many more.

But for the very first step of an SEO process, the crawling, there had been no SEO log file analysis tool based on SaaS, that complements existing tools for a long time.

It was my goal not to compete with existing SEO tools, but to fill the gap with my own relevant special tool. crawlOPIMIZER is meant to be an useful, revolutionary and affordable supplement to existing SEO tools.

It all started with MS Excel…

…everyone that has done a manual SEO log file analysis knows the issue with Excel: after a million of rows Excel crashes and every analysis becomes an ordeal. Also a million rows are far too little for obtaining a clear image of Google’s crawling behavior. This had to be changed and fully automated.

The creation of crawlOPTIMIZER

It all started 2016 with the meticulously preparation, conception and definition of relevant analyses and evaluations, that should help to revolutionize and make the life of SEOs and digitalists significantly easier. Hundreds of mockups and testing procedures were done to get the best out of the log files fully automated. For the technical realization a young Bavarian tech startup called PPC Rocket GmbH was quickly found and acquired. Full of enthusiasm and with tireless commitment to this day,

Results of a 2-year development?

Filled with pride we are looking on a cloud-base software called crawlOPTIMIZER that fully automated carries out log file analyses from an SEO perspective and displays them easily understandable for its users. Prefiltered log entries can be stored up to 5 years and allow for long-awaited long-time analyses.

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